IDDBA Reveals Concepts For What’s In Store Live At IDDBA 19

Madison, WI — The International Dairy Deli Bakery Association announces the lineup of retail concepts slated for What’s in Store Live. Our interactive marketplace will showcase innovative and aspirational merchandising located on the show floor of IDDBA 19.

This year’s concepts (by department) are:

  • Cake
    • New traditions/ holiday creation, which will explore cake designs inspired by emerging occasions as new opportunities to celebrate.
    • Personalization of treats through mobile devices, whereby attendees can place orders for themselves or a local charity.
    • Building more with less, which will give attendees ideas on how to develop new creations in a short amount of time with few products.
    • Party in a pinch, which will demonstrate how to create “dessert charcuterie”.
    • Pairing ideas for increasing cake-consumption opportunities.
  • Bakery
    • The Sweet Shop, showcasing the conjoining of bakery items with indulgent additions, such as dipped cookies and caramel apples.
    • A bakery café, featuring a coffee bar as well as trendy sandwich and quiche concepts.
    • Sweet and savory concepts for waffles, a hot trend with boundless opportunities for topping creativity.
    • Make-your-own cookie dough bar.
    • Artisan bread focus, including scratch mixing and shaping, as well as live action baking throughout the show hours.
  • Deli
    • Innovative ways to market lunch options with lunch box sets geared toward both kids and adults.
    • Grab-and-go options for customers searching for entertaining ideas and parties.
    • A redesigned soup bar, featuring bone broth with custom inclusions.
    • Design accents that bring the farmer’s market feel into the deli.
    • A stand-alone, grocerant-type concept named La Trattoria, featuring ready to eat, ready to warm and all eating options in between.
    • Ideas for fresh merchandising of pet meal options.
    • A back-of-house area dedicated to meal kit prep and space efficiency.
  • Cheese
    • A focus on cheese as an ingredient, illustrated through fresh grated, fresh cubed, and shredded.
    • Ideas on how to build a cheeseboard, including ‘build to order’ concepts.
    • Cheese occasions, with a focus on the nutritional benefits of cheese.
    • A focus on milk and its varieties, butters, yogurts, and cultured items.
    • Fondue merchandising concepts.
  • Convenience Store
    • Creative grab-and-go snacking options.
    • Innovative offerings for ready-to-eat snacking and meal pick-up.

This is a popular and industry-recognized experience and fixture at the association’s annual Show. For the past 30 years, What’s in Store Live is redesigned annually by a cross section of industry volunteers that ideate concepts, highlighting sponsored products to create representative bakery, cake, cheese, and prepared foods cases. 

IDDBA’s goal is to inspire its attendees by keeping the food front-and-center, while making our What’s in Storetrend reporting real and relevant to build basket size as well as elevate customer experience. Additionally, attendees can listen to a variety of topics from industry-recognized speakers in the What’s in Store Live Workshop, situated within the marketplace.

Previously known as Show and Sell, the program was renamed What’s in Store Live this year. This change reflects the association’s efforts to integrate more research and trends data from its annual What’s in Store publication. These concepts and merchandising ideas are featured in the annual, on-site educational experience.

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About IDDBA:  IDDBA is a nonprofit membership organization serving the dairy, deli, bakery, cheese, and supermarket foodservice industries. Member companies enjoy exclusive benefits and services including the annual tradeshow, leading-edge research, training programs, management tools, and an annual trends report. For more information contact IDDBA at 608-310-5000 or visit