Montchevre Launches New Flavor and Brand Campaign

For most consumers in the U.S., goat cheese is a little unfamiliar, but intriguing. To capitalize on this idea, leading goat cheese brand, Montchevre® has launched its new brand campaign, “Try it with a little goat,” inviting and inspiring consumers to unlock the brand’s potential to make any food a little more exciting.  

Analysis of common searches related to goat cheese in 2019 showed most people didn’t know what to do with goat cheese, despite being interested in trying it. With its new online campaign, the Montchevre® brand will share content that answers top consumer questions related to goat cheese and equip fans with the tips and recipes they need to easily introduce the cheese into their regular food routines, resulting in a delightful surprise. The new campaign will begin appearing on top online food sites, social media and blogger partner websites this spring.  

Also coming this spring, is the brand’s newest goat cheese log, Blueberry Lemon – an award-winning flavor that will put a tangy twist on the top-selling Montchevre® Blueberry Vanilla flavor fans have enjoyed for years. Hand-rolled in wild blueberries and infused with lemon zest, this fresh goat cheese will be perfect for snacking, picnics and cheeseboards all summer-long.