Pickles In a Pandemic? NAIL and Grillo’s Test-Drive a Chill Vibe

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – It’s not pickle season yet – it enjoys it highest sales success in the summer, BBQing months, but Chief Revenue Officer at Grillo’s Pickles, Mike Watts wanted to use this shoulder season to test consumer interest, increase awareness and drive trial.

Partnering with NAIL Communications, a two-week social media test campaign was developed. NAIL developed the creative and media plan, and launched with a series of five animated posts that appeared on Facebook and Instagram.

NAIL really understood our brand vibe, and we knew that we could trust them to deliver a compelling message, both on-brand and in short time,” said Watts.
“With consumer screen time increased due to stay-at home measures, the timing of the test for this was critical. Building in flexibility was also crucial – as consumer sentiment is changing week to week,” he added.

Billings for the assignment were not revealed.

In this ad test, Sam-Sam is having a home “spa”, reading by the fire, watching Slaw and Order from a beanbag, delivering pickles on his scooter or waving at you from the package on your doorstep.

The commercials can be seen below:

NAIL Creative Partner Brian Gross noted, “We were trying to help folks who were completely stressed out by the constant barrage of bad news by creating relaxing videos with a chill vibe. Fortunately, Grillo’s had a pickle mascot, Sam Sam, who is always relaxing in a lawn chair to be our spokespickle. People really responded positively to the needed distraction in their news feed.”

Gross continued, “People loved it. And so did the Facebook algorithm. The average CPM for this campaign was $4.43 (benchmark CPM is $10). Views to the landing page exceeded initial expectations by 570% and overall web traffic went up more than 1300% versus the weeks leading up to the campaign. They also gained almost 2000 new social followers during the campaign.”

A 100-year-old family recipe made with only simple, garden-fresh ingredients. They are made cold, shipped cold and sold cold – artificial preservatives and added colors aren’t in their vocabulary. For more information, please visit www.grillospickles.com and follow on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @GrillosPickles.

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