Sabra Makes Significant Donations to Help Feed VA Families

Sabra has been making some significant donations to support front line workers in NYC and to help feed families in VA where we manufacture hummus.

“This week we donated product to medical staff at some of the hardest hit hospitals in New York City. These facilities have a long list of needs, including convenient and nutritious foods and this is one particular need we can, and must, help meet. 

This crisis has created a new front line, comprised in no small part of individuals who never before saw themselves as heroes. We stand in awe as we witness remarkable bravery and commitment, not only in healthcare, but at supermarkets, drug stores, post offices and food manufacturing facilities nationwide where people are working to meet the basic and essential needs of neighbors each day.

Food manufacturing was designated as critical infrastructure during this crisis, and the moment calls for collaborative effort and extreme empathy. Together, we are navigating challenges and supporting one another. At Sabra, our employees are stepping up every day to answer a call of duty to the American public and I am exceedingly proud of our team. We take pride in the role we play in ensuring that families can put healthy food on the table. For some, that is even more difficult than ever and we are committed to supporting not only front line workers but struggling families who live in the communities in which we operate. This is time for people to come together for the greater good, and together we shall win.” – Tomer Harpaz, Sabra CEO