Target Now Stocks Treeline’s Artisanal Soft French-Style Vegan Cheeses

Artisanal vegan cheese serves as the perfect appetizer accompanied by crackers and a nice bottle of wine, but finding gourmet nut cheeses that are easily accessible has been a rarity– until now. Beloved brand Treeline is set to debut its offerings at Target Stores nationwide, bringing one of the pioneering dairy-free cheese options to consumers across the country for the first time. Treeline’s signature soft French-style cheese expansion is pushing the plant-based dairy industry forward, and the brand hopes to make its unique dairy-free options available to as many consumers as possible by launching at Target stores in the US.

Treeline’s most recent rollout will introduce its six-ounce packages of French-style cheeses to 220 Target stores. This new rollout adds to the company’s existing distribution at more than 3,000 retailers including Kroger, Whole Foods, Wegmans, Ralphs, and more. The dairy-free cheese will also become available at the deli section of Hannaford, becoming one of the only plant-based cheeses available for purchase at the deli.

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