Three Little Pigs Rebrands Entire Product Line & Website

NEW YORK — Three Little Pigs announces a brand redesign, starting off with a new logo and website with products set to hit shelves in January 2022. The company realized that after 45 years in business, as they expanded their offerings beyond traditional charcuterie, their new items took on very different identities and wanted to better reflect modern consumers. With this redesign, the first in over 25 years, Three Little Pigs is speaking directly to a more modern audience in order to strengthen its presence in the deli aisle and online.

The rebrand rolls out today with a new website and product line via branding designed by MoxieSozo and website built by Series8.

The new logo, built on existing brand identity with the same circular shape and three pigs, allows the characters of the pigs to stand out. It is complemented with a secondary logo, and prioritization of their English name. With Americans primed for charcuterie and protein as never before, but awareness for liver-based spreads like pâté and mousse low, the more playful design will show the less serious side of Three Little Pigs products and how to enjoy them outside of a formal, charcuterie board setting.

“Our new logo communicates our spirit of joie de vivre to the current consumer and our goal is pâté in every fridge,” says Maha Freij, President of Three Little Pigs, who has been with the company for over 30 years. “It is a call back to our original logo, and the pigs represent our three founders. It’s a reminder that while we have grown tremendously and look different, to this day, we still manufacture in small batches using the same traditional recipes as when we started in 1975.”

The new branding, which introduces more colorful and modern design elements, is a departure from the traditional or vintage-inspired designs often found in the specialty food aisle in order to challenge assumptions about the category. The design hierarchy prominently features the brand’s logo and complements the red-dominant color scheme with a range of triangular colored accents that range from muted to bold depending on the product line.

Just in time for the holidays, the branding and playful messaging have been extended via a website with the goal of driving sales and adapting to demand via a more user-centric and responsive resource across all platforms and devices. Adapting to an increase of direct sales dating prior to the pandemic but ignited in 2020, this “e-comm first” optimization is a direct response to overwhelming consumer demand for specialty, hard-to-find charcuterie across the U.S.

The new packaging is currently available with the new sliced Jambon de Paris, a sliced ham that brings Three Little Pigs’ charcuterie-making skills to the lunchmeat category. It is currently available for purchase online and in-store at Whole Foods, Gelson’s Market, AJ’s (Arizona), Bristol Farms, and other specialty retailers nationwide.

For more information on Three Little Pigs products and to get a feel for the new branding, visit