Anthura Lima: Brightness Itself

Phalaenopsis varieties with a yellow colour are generally difficult to breed, so there are fewer good varieties on the market compared to colours like white and pink. The choice in the colour yellow for pot size 12 is not great, let alone for the smaller pot sizes 6,7 and 9 cm! With its yellow expressive flowers, Anthura Lima is therefore a welcome addition for the smaller pot sizes. In addition, this plant can also be grown in a 12 cm pot.

The red lip and veins give a lot of contrast to the yellow flower and provide a bright appearance. This variety therefore rightly bears the name of Peru’s colourful and spirited capital: Lima.

With sufficient propagation time, the variety flowers abundantly with many flowers and branches. The flowers on the main and lateral branches are positioned in such a way as to create a nice organic round shape. With an average shelf life of 12 weeks, the variety also flowers above average for consumers.

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