Bureau IMAC Merges Into New Crop Optimization Department Within Anthura

Bureau IMAC Bleiswijk B.V. will end its paid services on 1 January 2021 and will cease to exist. Years of knowledge and experience will be retained, as both Andre Lont and Mark van de Ven will transfer to the new crop optimization department at Anthura. The latter took this step on 1 July as a crop specialist Phalaenopsis, and Andre will follow on 1 January 2021 as a crop specialist Anthurium.

Andre Lont, director of IMAC, says that the company’s independence stands in the way of optimization. He stated that all promised agreements will be met and that clients of Bureau IMAC will be supported in finding desired independent advice.

Department crop optimization Anthura
The crop optimization department focuses primarily on cultivation technique issues. Andre and Mark will continue to advise Anthura’s customers about the technical properties of varieties and product groups. Herewith they support the account managers with cultivation questions and thus contribute to exchanging knowledge. Furthermore, they fully map cultivation characteristics of the Anthura range of products, support the Anthura production locations and initiate cultivation research.

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