APHIS Core Message Set Announces Release of Cut Flower Name Validation List

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) announces the inclusion of a Cut Flower Name Validation List to verify spellings on the APHIS Core Message Set website. The list provides filers genus, species, and subspecies names (PG05) along with corresponding common names (PG17). Software vendors can download and integrate the PG10 category AP0800 (cut flowers) list into the Automated Broker Interface (ABI) software; filers will then have a single cut flower commodity list to standardize submissions. This new asset increases compliance with APHIS Core Message Set policies and APHIS regulations, facilitates the import process, and improves the movement of cargo into U.S. commerce.

The list also provides the acceptable spellings for listed names and provides the corresponding Integrated Taxonomic Information Systems (ITIS) Taxonomic Serial Number (TSN) and APHIS ID (APID) number. It does not indicate commodities that may or may not be admissible. If the genus, species, or subspecies does not appear on this list, filers should use the format that appears on the associated phytosanitary certificate and commercial invoice. PPQ will update the list as necessary and provide the date of the most recent update.

As a reminder, when reporting AP0800 PG26 units of measure, packing level one should be reported as STM (stem), and packing level two BX (box).

For help with the APHIS Core Message Set filing, please visit our website, send an email to ace.itds@usda.gov, or call our help desk at 1-833-481-2102.