Chrysal and Syngenta Flowers introduce Largo

Spray application to help extend the ornamental value of pelargonium at retail 

Pelargoniums are sensitive to darkness. Unfortunately, this is also unavoidable, for example during transport or at retail. A prolonged period of time in the dark leads to leaf yellowing and petal drop. To fight this, Chrysal and Syngenta Flowers have combined forces and introduce Largo®, a unique and effective product to prevent leaf yellowing and petal shatter. It makes the quality of the plant less dependent on the conditions during transport and to making them stay beautiful longer, thus extending the sales period and reducing waste. Combining Chrysal’s post-harvest technical and product knowledge with Syngenta Flowers’ world-renowned expertise on genetics, this partnership is to bring more sustainability to the value chain. 

Chrysal, the global leader in potted plant and flower care, and Syngenta Flowers, a global leader in crop genetics, have combined their knowledge to introduce a unique spray application plant care treatment, Largo®, which will allow for significant waste reduction in the chain. Largo® is registered for the use on potted plants. Largo® prevents leaf yellowing and petal drop in Pelargonium, both the most common factors of waste. Research by the German Hochschule Geisenheim University in collaboration with Chrysal shows that the purchase intention of plants is 40% higher, if a potted plant looks fresh and healthy on display. And not surprisingly, consumers are more likely to recommend a store with fresh and healthy plants.