Danziger Creates a Local Sales & Marketing Division in China

Mishmar hashiva – As part of its global expansion, Danziger is proud to announce the opening of a local division in China headed by Ms. Liya Donede. 

Liya brings over 10 years of experience in consumer goods sales and marketing along with in depth knowledge of the Chinese market. She holds a BA in East Asian studies from Tel Aviv University and a Chinese language diploma from BLCU University in Beijing.

“Liya has strong experience in the Chinese market. Her in strengths with the language, culture and local business environment make her a valuable asset for us,” says Ori. “Our goal is to position Danziger as a top breeding company in China and we trust Liya to lead the team.”

Liya will assume responsibility for both business lines: cut flowers and bedding pants.  Her task is to work in cooperation with Danziger representatives in China to strengthening market position and establish a local customer support system. 

“We perceive China as a market with huge potential for both local growth and expansion of import from other Danziger locations worldwide,” says Ori.  “We are certain that Liya, together with a devoted and professional team, will achieve the goals that we have set together.”

Liya can be contacted at liya.donde@danziger.cn


About Danziger

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For more information please visit our new web site at: www.danzigeronline.com