Dümmen Orange Poinsettia Collection is Ready for the 2021 Holiday Season

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The 2020 holiday season just wrapped up and Dümmen Orange has its poinsettia collection ready to go for the 2021 holiday season.  

Dümmen Orange, the world’s largest breeder and propagator of cut flowers, bulbs, tropical plants, pot plants, bedding plants and perennials, has unveiled its extensive poinsettia program with the theme being simple, modern and inviting. The company recently paired up with fashionable home décor brand West Elm on a campaign to display its classic holiday poinsettias in a modern retail environment. All plants used in the project were donated to the West Elm fundraiser which raised more than $6,000 for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Their poinsettias feature classics with many varieties of colors that offer style, novelty and thrills. The collection includes Fall Colors, Imperial, Premium Family, Prestigious, Early Polly’s Pink, J’Adore and Frozen among others. 

Imperial is a very well-rounded plant habit for large, florist-quality production and has a vivid fire red bract color. This new standout showcases bright red color on medium-sized bracts and is a perfect plant for the late November and early December sales window. Its tight V-shaped structure paired with strong branching makes it suitable for high-density production. A more vigorous grower, Imperial fills out medium-to-large containers with ease and can handle a later transplant than comparable varieties for the same 8-week finish.

Viking Pro offers a similar bract shape and color to the favorite Viking Red, but Viking Pro exhibits a more compact stature in comparison. Its attractive bracts contrast beautifully against the vivid yellow cyathia and dark green foliage. Viking Pro, with its 8-week finish, is an easy complement to Viking Red for smaller containers and minis.

Prestigious is one of Dümmen’s exceptional varieties with its mid-vigor and mid-season performance. The plant, with an 8-week finish, is extremely tough, handling dropping, sleeving and shipping with ease. Consumers will love Prestigious with its dark red textured bracts on a classic green foliage.

Grande Italia makes a statement with a showstopping red variety that is perfect for late season quality sales. This high-vigor poinsettia, having an 8.5-week finish, fills out larger containers nicely with large and dramatic, deep red bracts. Cyathia are slow to open, providing the longest lasting quality throughout the season.

Poinsettia Atla is astrong, bright-red performer and, with an 8-week finish, is ideal for mass production. Atla has a strong V-shaped habit which is tailored for high-density production and the medium-sized bracts make sleeving and shipping a breeze.

The Premium Family is a legacy program for greenhouse growers around the world. This standout collection has the traditional reds and white, but also many unique standouts like Ice Crystal and Picasso. Premium Family varieties finish early with lower vigor for small- to mid-sized containers and early season sales. Their finish time includes six weeks for Early Red, seven weeks for Marble, Red and White, and 7.5 weeks for Ice Crystal, Lipstick Pink, Picasso and Polar.

Jubilee Family is available in Red, White, Pink and the novelty variety, Jingle Bells. Jingle Bells, with a striking red and pink bi-colored variety, are a vigorous variety with a classic bract and leaf shape. Jubilee fills larger containers well and is an outstanding performer in both hot and cold climates. All Jubilee varieties have an 8-week finish. 

The Enduring Family feature anattractive oak-leaf shaped bract that creates a unique look on tight-growing plants. Varieties do not require heavy growth regulation. Enduring has trialed as a top performer in all regions and northern growers will appreciate its low-light adaptability. Marble, Pink, Red and White varieties of Enduring all have an 8-week finish. 

Frozen has a very large bract size for luxury displays and provide a large, round habit for premium florist-quality displays. One of the cleanest and purest white poinsettias available, consumers will appreciate how the bracts light up against the dark foliage. Easy to brand and with higher vigor, it is a perfect fit for larger premium containers. With an 8-week finish, Frozen can be timed for peak early December sales. 

Early Polly’s Pink, provides the brightest pink bracts available in a poinsettia. With an earlier finish date for a longer season of sales, Early Polly’s Pink displays an extremely vibrant color at retail. Its 8-week finish produces vigorous plants that are ideal for larger containers and premium presentations.

Candy Cane is the earliest glitter novelty available. Its bright white speckles on red bracts will draw any customer’s attention. Compact with a well-branched habit, it is made for small-to-medium containers. This selection presents red bracts mixed with white speckles to provide a striking contrast against its dark green foliage. The poinsettia’s classic star-shaped bracts are large and showy, which makes for an impressive retail display. With an 8-week finish, Candy Cane’s strong stems and strong root system make this poinsettia an excellent choice for a range of container sizes including miniature up to 10-inch. 

Winter Rose Dark Red made a strong comeback over the past year with social media, interior decorators and garden writers. Its ruffled bracts resemble roses for a unique holiday look. The narrow plant habit is great for straight-ups and combination plantings. This poinsettia variety’s finish time is 8.5 weeks.

Tapestry makes an elegant statement with green foliage highlighted by a luxe gold margin. This poinsettia, with an 8.5 week finish, works well with combination plantings or as a standalone decorative accent among traditional red varieties.

For those in search of poinsettias that go beyond the traditional holiday season, Fall Colors are sure to warm hearts and homes. Autumn Leaves offer warm golden and apricot tones making it ideal for autumn sales. Golden Glo gives off a vibrant golden yellow glow against nearly black foliage. Green Envy produces lustrous chartreuse bracts to fit any modern day décor. All of the Fall Colors have an 8-week finish. 

The  J’Adore Family is the newest series of interspecific euphorbia hybrids. Having a dynamic, modern day holiday décor, these varieties give any poinsettia program layers of velvety bracts in pastel pink and rich touchable textures. The versatility of J’Adore varieties, with a 7.5-week finish, allows growers to lean on these performers from the early season all the way through New Year’s Eve promotions for an elegant and glamorous impression. J’Adore includes Dark Pink, Pink, Soft Pink, White Pearl and Confetti Garden Glitz. 

For more details about the Poinsettia Collection, click here. To view the Poinsettia Collection videos, click here. For more information on Dümmen Orange, please visit na.dummenorange.com.

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