Dümmen Orange Set to Debut Better Together Combos at CAST 2021

COLUMBUS, Ohio –  Dümmen Orange is set to unveil its new “Better Together” plant combinations at CAST 2021.

The “Better Together” program allows more flexibility for growers to mix and match select plants for a perfect pairing that not only grows very well together but stays in strong color all season long. The program allows ultimate flexibility for growers to choose any one of the Great Falls Coleus varieties.

This simple concept brings together Great Falls Coleus with I’Conia Hybrid Garden Begonias, Magnum New Guinea Impatiens and Interspecific Big EEZE Geraniums to make exciting planters and hanging baskets for maximum flexibility. All three varieties have strong vigor that complements each other, creating a well-balanced structure to each combination. Great Falls Coleus, which serves as an anchor plant for the program, has a stunning tri-color foliage that is tolerable to both sun and shade. 

Garden centers can coordinate the combinations by taking advantage of the one-to-one balanced ratio of these tough summer-loving plants which are suited to full sun, partial sun and shade. Mixing and matching any color within the other three series is the primary goal because they truly are better together.  

Dümmen Orange is participating in this year’s edition of the California Summer Trials, where the company’s display will be located at 6464 Ana Bay Road in San Luis Obispo, Calif. Interested CAST 2021 attendees must confirm a visit time prior to the show. Dümmen’s trial schedule is 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on June 23 through June 27, 2021. To view the “Better Together” program up close at CAST 2021, please schedule a meeting time with Dümmen Orange at cast@dummenorange.com.    

Click here to view the “Better Together” video. 

For more details about Dümmen Orange, please visit na.dummenorange.com

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