Easter P.R.E.P. (Plan, Review, Execute, Profit) 6 Simple Strategies to Boost Your Easter Sales

Spring is here — and that means Easter’s on its way! That also means it’s time to prepare for your Easter floral sales to make the most out of the holiday. While vaccines are becoming more available and restrictions are loosening, families are still likely to celebrate Easter close to home this year. Make sure you’re a part of their celebrations with these simple strategies:

  1. Target Everyone

According to the NRF, 80% of American adults spend approximately $150 each on Easter, so make sure they spend some of it on flowers! When creating your email promotions and text messages, target them for all customers. However, while the promotions are general, you should definitely personalize them for each customer. And don’t forget an engaging Call to Action that links directly to your website.

  1. Plan Multiple Promotions

Some shoppers will want to plan ahead, and some will be last-minute, so plan to promote to all of them. Start with an “early bird” promotion one to two weeks before Easter, and use words like “exclusive” and “before everyone else” to advertise your Easter flower sales. Then run your standard promotions during Easter week and an additional advertisement a week or two after Easter. You’ll grab those customers who may have missed the Easter sales — and it’s a great way to get rid of any leftover stock.

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