Flowers Canada Growers Shares Programs Available to Members

Flowers Canada Growers (FCG) continues to monitor program availability and seek any and all support opportunities for our members. Below we have captured several key programs currently available.

AgriStability – We are encouraging all members to apply into AgriStability now; please note the current application deadline is April 30, 2020. AgriStability is delivered differently in each province, but for broad information on this program and provincial contact points, please see the below link:

Note – Members in the province of Ontario are currently being approached by AgriCorp (the local delivery authority) for inclusion in AgriStability for the upcoming year. Many of you will receive a call from AgriCorp to participate in this program, while others will be contacted by our office directly to ensure awareness of this program. If you have not received a call from AgriCorp or the FCG office to participate in this program, please contact ArgiCorp at 1.877.275.1380 |

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