FlowerTrials 2020 Canceled

The situation in regard to the COVID-19 virus develops daily, if not hourly. The industry and the whole world is constantly being faced with a new and changing reality, one that requires a fluid response to the developments. The FlowerTrials Board has been continuously monitoring the situation, and in light of the emerging European and global situation, and the threats to both health and commerce, the Board has decided not to wait for the previously announced deadline of April 6th, but has taken the collective decision to cancel the FlowerTrials event in week 24 with immediate effect.

The Board feels that under the current circumstances it is neither responsible, practical nor appropriate to continue with plans for a major industry event in this period. The registration system will be taken off-line, and all visitors who have already registered for 2020 will receive a cancellation message. An official statement will be published on the website and shared via social media.

Several participants have already informed the Organisation of their individual intention not to hold a week 24 event. Others have indicated that they will, if circumstances allow, plan to have smaller individual displays open in week 24 or later in the season. These decisions are the responsibility of the companies themselves and will not be hosted under the FlowerTrials umbrella.

Norman Cools, PR & ICT Manager VWS FlowerBulbs and FlowerTrials Chairman: “We regret enormously the need to cancel but trust that everyone understands and supports the reasons. We will keep the FlowerTrials concept and awareness intact in the coming year with online information as we move forward to better times in 2021. We hope that you, your families and colleagues remain healthy and wish you courage in these extremely challenging times.”