Four Star Greenhouse: Right Idea, Right Time

The search for a groundbreaking new container started a few years ago at Proven Winners®, resulting in the exciting new Eco+ Grande™ branded container, available for 2022. See how this container was developed to benefit growers, retailers and consumers.

It was 2019 and the folks at Proven Winners were looking for ways to reduce dependence on single-use plastic products, says Dave Konsoer, Director of Sales for Proven Winners. “We looked at where the plastic industry was going and realized that we would have to do something different. Foreign countries had just recently stopped accepting American waste for recycling and some places were starting to ban plastic materials. The plastic recycling model was broken.”

“Proven Winners has been a leader in our industry,” he recalls. “Our goal was to be proactive by creating the first of what we hope will be many eco-friendly containers that will resonate with consumers. We started searching for alternatives that will help reduce the amount of single-use plastic going into the environment. We looked before at a lot of materials, but they were either too expensive or didn’t fit with Proven Winners’ white branded container identity.”

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