Get Creative With Combinations

October 14, 2019 Four Star Greenhouse

With so many options at hand, it’s easy to design creative combinations, says Ian McGreevy, Four Star’s Signature Garden Designer. In this two-part article, we offer his tips for selecting the right plants to create new combinations your customers will love.

Plan Now for a Great 2020 Season

October 1, 2019 Four Star Greenhouse

Well-planned production can boost your sales and profits. Dennis Crum shares his methods for gathering information, doing research and staying creative to ensure each year’s crops are fresh and interesting to buyers.

‘Supers’ Raise the Bar for Performance & Habit

“When you breed, you usually select for a couple of key characteristics that are most important,” says Kevin Hurd, Director of New Products for Proven Winners. “The focus from the start of the ‘Super’ varieties has been on plants that give great consumer performance.”

We Put our Hearts in These New Caladiums

June 17, 2019 Four Star Greenhouse

The Heart to Heart™ Collection of new Proven Winners® Caladiums will be available for 2020, and it’s generating a lot of buzz in the industry. According to Curt Varsogea, Sales Manager at Four Star, this exclusive line is the result of a partnership with Classic Caladiums of Florida, an international leader in the breeding of Caladiums.

Four Star Greenhouse: Insider’s Guide to Top 2020 Picks

June 13, 2019 Four Star Greenhouse

Proven Winners®’ rigorous trialing and selection process chooses only varieties with the best potential for beauty, performance and disease resistance. This year’s new varieties are no different and include several essential options consumers will adore!