Four Star Greenhouse: Combos are Easy with Bundled Kits

April 21, 2023 Four Star Greenhouse

Created with the grower in mind and tailored to your production needs, Bundled Combination Kits make it easy for you to create the combos consumers are looking for.

Ensuring Plant Quality Means Training, Testing and Eyes on the Crop

April 14, 2023 Four Star Greenhouse

Producing a live product can present unique challenges. But having processes in place will help growers provide healthy plants to their customers and avoid costly slip-ups. At Four Star Greenhouse, quality is a daily, top-of-mind goal, and for Robin Bourdon, Senior Manager of Growing Personnel, it is her main job.

Supernova Liners Save Labor and Get to Market Faster

February 20, 2023 Four Star Greenhouse

With labor shortages and high fuel prices, it is essential to maximize efficiency and make the most of bench space. Because Supernova® Liners are pretreated to provide a blooming, retail-ready Grande™ in just four to five weeks, they save labor in pinching and PGR applications. Plus, many growers find they can do an additional crop turn on the same bench.

A Look Ahead to 2023 with Tom Smith

February 16, 2023 Four Star Greenhouse

While nobody has a crystal ball, industry leaders have been examining consumer and economic data, adding it to their professional experience to provide an educated outlook on what this season may bring. Tom Smith, President of Four Star Greenhouse gives his perspective.

Four Star Greenhouse: Right Idea, Right Time

February 21, 2022 Four Star Greenhouse

The search for a groundbreaking new container started a few years ago at Proven Winners®, resulting in the exciting new Eco+ Grande™ branded container, available for 2022. See how this container was developed to benefit growers, retailers and consumers.