Four Star Greenhouse: Combos are Easy with Bundled Kits

Created with the grower in mind and tailored to your production needs, Bundled Combination Kits make it easy for you to create the combos consumers are looking for. Whether planting traditional combinations with two of each variety or growing combinations with one of each variety, you will receive the plants and the tags you need for easy assembly. Bundled Kits arrive with three trays of 104 Liners (one tray for each variety), plus 52 recipe-specific Container Garden Tags, eliminating the need for individual stake tags.

Charming with the popular purple and white shades of Supertunia Mini Vista® Indigo, Violet Star and White Petunia, 2023 National Recipe Misty Seas will be an enchanting favorite among home gardeners.

The new Bundled Kits Lite program is designed for growers who prefer to produce combinations with three liners per container. With this program, growers receive 104 recipe- specific Container Garden Tags to grow combinations using one liner of each variety. Four Star has hundreds of combinations to satisfy your growing needs.

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