Four Star Greenhouse: The Power of the Package

We know that Proven Winners® branded packaging works harder. That’s why all Proven Winners plants, including Annuals, will be part of the Complete Package program starting with the 2022 season.

Brands Are Beautiful

There is something comforting about a brand you know and trust. The laundry detergent you depend on … the pizza that your family wants on Friday nights … the computer you can’t work without. Great brands are about great products, familiar names and recognizable packaging. Together, these elements have you making a bee-line for just what you want at the store. Research shows that branded packaging makes products instantly recognizable and can increase sales. In fact, the most recognizable brands tend to be the top sellers in their category, whether it’s coffee or cat food. So, what about garden products?

Garden centers and garden products are no different. Nearly all products available at garden centers are branded. Familiar colors and logos draw shoppers to everything from pruners to potting soil. It works the same way for live plants. Thanks to years of effort in consumer outreach to create and support plant brands, gardeners have learned to look for respected, recognized brand names on containers if they want great quality and proven genetics in the containers. And the top brand name in the category is Proven Winners®.

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