Proven Winners ColorChoice Oso Easy Double Red Rose Earns A.R.T.S. Local Artist Awards in Three Regions

Already the recipient of 10 awards overseas, Proven Winners® ColorChoice® Oso Easy Double Red® rose is making news this spring, earning important U.S. regional awards.

The American Rose Trials for Sustainability (A.R.T.S.) recently announced trial results for the 2023 season and Oso Easy Double Red ® landscape rose has earned Local Artist Awards in three regions.

Bred by Alain Meilland and introduced by Spring Meadow Nursery, Proven Winners® ColorChoice® Oso Easy Double Red® shrub rose offers bright red, doubled blooms that are self-cleaning and appear continuously on the plant without deadheading. Glossy, deep green foliage stays free of black spot and powdery mildew. Oso Easy Double Red® rose grows to full, mounded, 3-4’ tall/wide shrub, and is hardy down to USDA zone 4.

Nursery Management Magazine announced the results of the A.R.T.S. trials to the public in their article titled “Regionally resilient roses” where they state, “To win, roses must prove they are resilient on their own merits, without being buffered with repeated fertilizer applications or chemical sprays. A.R.T.S. helps you identify which roses have real-world resilience in your region to meet the high expectations of your customers.”

The A.R.T.S. adjudicators identify which roses are the most pest-resistant, drought-tolerant, low maintenance, vigorous and beautiful in each region. In order for a cultivar to be awarded an A.R.T.S. Local Artist award, they must perform equal to or better than the industry standards.

One judge commented that Oso Easy Double Red® rose was the “Best rose in the block.” Other judges’ comments included, “Loaded with flower buds. Winner of the day; big and beautiful. Little disease and insect damage. Gorgeous plant. A winner on flower color and size.”

A.R.T.S. uses the Köppen climate system to delineate rose evaluation regions, as it accounts for both temperature and precipitation levels. Oso Easy Double Red ® rose performed exceptionally well in an impressive three zones the CFA (humid subtropical), CSA (Mediterranean), and DFB (Humid continental, cool summer) regions.