Intrinsa Headlines the 2022 Dümmen Orange Garden Mums Catalog for a Greener Future

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Dümmen Orange recently unveiled its 2022 garden mums catalog with Intrinsa, the newest advancement in breeding techniques, leading a colorful lineup of families, seasons, novelties and varieties. 

Chrysanthemum white rust (CWR), a quarantinable disease in North America, is an industry problem that can destroy crops even with growers doing their best to avoid this nuisance. Dümmen Orange’s Intrinsa breeding program has identified genetic patterns in chrysanthemum DNA for naturally occurring resistance to CWR. Intrinsa combines traditional breeding practices with advanced techniques to ultimately create sustainable and economically viable plants for a greener future.

Intrinsa allows for greater accessibility of plant material produced from more countries around the world. Crops become more reliable for greenhouse and nursery growers to ensure a steady supply. Intrinsa identifies unique DNA patterns with natural disease resistance which reduces the need for pesticides. This all makes homes and gardens safer for everyone.   

The process is induced by radiation therapy which triggers random color differences. It accelerates the development of novel valuable traits like the expression of flower color. Using the plant’s own genetic makeup, all other horticultural characteristics of the plant remain exactly the same. This forcefully speeds up the natural process of spontaneous color variations. When customers select varieties from within a family, all colors are genetically matched for size, flower magnitude and timing. The only difference is the flower color.  

In the new 2022 Dümmen Orange garden mums catalog, varieties that are naturally resistant to CWR are clearly indicated throughout the catalog. Helpful product details highlight the reliability and consistency of characteristics for flawless production programmability. This means no wasted crops and growing reliability for growers and garden centers everywhere.    

There are new additions in the garden mum families that successfully combine grower needs with consumer demands. These genetically-identical varieties with each family are easier to grow, offering consistency across habit, response time and flowering longevity. They can be mixed and matched with ease for large or small containers while delivering retail programs with timing that can be counted on.

Available Dümmen Orange garden mum families for 2022 include Ditto, Homerun, Goal, Jamboree, Banquet and Confetti Garden with newly redesigned branding to provide greater retail appeal for early season and mid-season varieties. Confetti Garden combinations are perfectly designed for both containers and hanging baskets to evenly blend colors and enjoy season-long success. A beneficial feature with Confetti Garden combinations is branded packaging that can be co-branded with a grower’s logo, UPC and pricing.

The easy to navigate Dümmen Orange garden mums catalog clearly groups seasons for growers’ usefulness. Garden mums have a wide range of timing throughout the year with offerings including very early season, early season, mid-season and late season. Novelties provide unique colors, vigor and mounding habits. Shade production, with multiple size container choices, means a lengthy list of new options and top picks available to choose from in 2022.     

Click here to view the 2022 Dümmen Orange garden mums catalog.

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