Dümmen Orange Reinforces Commitment to a Sustainable Value Chain

Dümmen Orange announces the release of its second consecutive sustainability report titled ‘Growing Together.’ This comprehensive report offers a view into the company’s sustainability policy and its commitment to a sustainable value chain. The report also comprises practical examples highlighting the initiatives, actions, and achievements in 2022.

The company’s sustainability strategy (and 2022 Sustainability Report) revolves around three key areas: Environment, where the focus lies on minimizing the ecological impact; Social, emphasizing the well-being of employees and the communities where the company operates; and Technological Development, showcasing dedicated investments in research and technology that propel sustainable advancement throughout the value chain.

“We understand that the activities in our industry – including our own – impact people, communities, and the environment,” said Ellen Mackenbach-Lakeman, Chief Human Resources Officer and Executive Committee member responsible for the company’s sustainability strategy. “Therefore, as a leading breeder and propagator, we believe it is our responsibility to contribute to sustainability and responsible business practices throughout the value chain.”

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