Pantipp: A New Year of Special Foliage Colors and Impressive Flower Power

IJsselstein – The time has finally come: the whole industry is about to get together at IPM in Essen. Amongst all the attendees, Plantipp is sure to draw attention while showing no less than 11 novelties, with an emphasis on flower power and special foliage colours.

A lot of attention has been paid to new introductions that impress with their unique blooms and extravagant flower power. The new Buddleja davidii Butterfly Candy series has already won multiple awards for its extraordinary blooms. Little Ruby was crowned Best in Show at Europe’s largest trolley fair, GROEN-Direkt. The dense panicles of deeply coloured flowers contrast beautifully with the intense dark foliage. But what makes these award-winning shrubs real showstoppers is their compact growth.

Unique blooms and extravagant flower power

Gardenia Double Diamonds (‘Leefour’) is selected for its bright white, double flowers, which make for a great contrast against its dark green, shiny leaves. The large, fragrant flowers are impressive, but even more so is the fact that Double Diamonds is easier to grow than many other Gardenias. It’s heat- and disease tolerant, grows vigorously, and also thrives in large pots.  Plantipp will also introduce two new mini-rose varieties: Rosa Cutie Pie (‘ROP007’) and Rosa Everglow Ruby (‘Geus1713’). Cutie Pie is a thorn-free dwarf variety with a low growth habit, that doesn’t need any pruning and blooms exuberantly. Everglow Ruby is compact, colour-changing and very well-branched, making it the ideal specimen for pots. It grows on its own roots and is self-cleaning, making for long-lasting enjoyment.

Novelties for the jungle garden and exotic patio

From extravagant blooms straight on to exotic patio’s: Cordyline Emerald Star (‘Broadswoard’) jumps in on the trend of the jungle garden and exotic terrace, with a spectacular, tropical look. It has glossy, bright-green leaves that are broad, and actually quite a bit shorter compared to other varieties. This evergreen is hardy to -5 °C, a beauty in containers on balcony or terrace and great as an accent plant, for in mixed containers and for in the garden border.  Speaking of spectacular, tropical looks: Mahonia Volcano (‘MYOY’) steps up to the majors, showing an eruption of colour with its orange-yellow flowers. This early-flowering Mahonia, flowering from October to November, stays compact: growing about 1 m high and wide and is actually gentle to touch, without the usual Mahonia sting on the foliage. Volcano is evergreen, hardy to an impressive -10 °C, and allows for easy cuttings, adding additional benefits for growers.  Another spectacular variety with wild, exotic looks is Dianella revoluta Blue Stream (‘ProquestD5’). The broad, light blue leaves contrast beautifully with both flowering and green plants. With a vigorous, upright growth and gorgeous blue flowers in warmer regions, this is an amazing addition to mixed containers, jungle gardens or an exotic patio.  

Fast-growing, elegant hedges

And last but not least, Plantipp will introduce two Taxus varieties: Taxus media Eleganza (‘Her2009T01’) and Taxus baccata Exotica (‘Her2009T06’). The fruitless Taxus Exotica has curly, long needles that give it a somewhat exotic elegance. It’s easy to grow in containers, with a uniform and bushy growth habit. Just like Exotica, Eleganza has a uniform, bushy growth habit. Combined with its incredible growth power, Eleganza is very suitable for hedges. Its fine needles give it an elegant appearance, and as it’s a male variety, it doesn’t carry (poisonous) berries.

Second appearances

Plantipp will also show Camellia 1001 Summer Nights® Jasmine (‘Yulan01’), which made its debut at Chelsea ‘21. Furthermore, they will present Nandina domestica Red Light (‘NRL2015’), Lophomyrtus ralphii Golden Dragon (‘Luc2016’), Leucothoe axillaris Curly Gold (‘Opstal55’)Rhododendron Encore® Autumn Fire (‘Roblez’), Euonymus Himalaya (‘Lankveld06’) and Lonicera nitida Garden Clouds® Copper Glow (‘GRLN03’), Green Breeze (‘GRLN01’) and Purple Storm (‘GRLN02’), which were also seen at GrootGroenPlus ‘21.  In addition, we’ll have the pleasure of seeing Echeveria pulvinata Devotion (‘BCEC12001’), Sarcococca hookeriana Purple Gem (‘PURPLERIJ1’), and two new additions to the Mad about Mangave® family: Lavender Lady and Silver Fox once again, after their online premiere at IPM 2021. 

All varieties mentioned are protected by Plant Breeders’ Rights and are managed by Plantipp. Visit the company at stand no. 2D19. IPM is held from 25 to 28 January 2021 in Essen, Germany.