Month-Long Celebration in Honor of International Women’s Day, March 8th

Together with their European suppliers of the flower bulbs, Tulip growers in the United States have organized the annual Tulip Festival to celebrate International Women’s Day for years. Tens of thousands have received bouquets of tulips to enjoy and share.

While this year’s event may look a little different, the celebration will go on.

“A bouquet of tulips is the perfect way to honor the extraordinary women that inspire us every day,” says Henk Westerhof, who represents the tulip growers and their suppliers. “Tulips symbolize unconditional love, new beginnings and, charity. And, this year’s festivities will still allow us to share our admiration but also enable us to reach even more women.”

To kick-off the month-long celebration, tulip growers have partnered with Petals for Hope to giveaway 1,000 bouquets of tulips to women on the frontline, in nursing homes, women’s shelters, and more. Petals for Hope, a non-profit organization, repurposes fresh flowers after weddings and other events to share them with people in less than desirable circumstances.

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