Mother’s Day Floral Spending Forecast: a Blooming Great Holiday

Mother’s Day is here again, and we know you’re well into your preparations! And despite the shipping delays, price increases, and supply chain issues we’ve all faced, you’ve shown you’re smart, creative, and can rise to the occasion. Those abilities will be essential for Mother’s Day!

Judging from the most recent sales statistics, it’s clear that people want to celebrate this holiday more than ever. That makes sense, of course, since after two years of a pandemic, customers want to show their mothers how much they appreciate them. And they’ll undoubtedly be doing that with flowers.

Overall Spending

As to overall spending for Mother’s Day, The National Retail Federation found that in 2021, spending was expected to be a record $28.1 billion. Individual spending was also a record, at $220 per person. And this year, with fewer COVID restrictions, those numbers are expected to increase.

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