MPS-GAP: For Years the Certificate to Deliver to International Retail

In recent months, uncertainty has arisen about the acceptance of MPS-GAP and the GGN label by international trade. MPS-GAP has been benchmarked with GLOBALG.A.P. and meets the requirements of the Floriculture Sustainability Initiative (FSI). Talks have recently been held with GLOBALG.A.P. about the GGN label and MPS-GAP. The result: with MPS-GAP it remains possible to deliver to retail at home and abroad.

Remco Jansen, Commercial Manager at MPS, explains how this works. Below you will find what the solution looks like in practice.

Since when does MPS-GAP exist?
MPS-GAP has now been in existence for over twenty years. It was the first standard that was benchmarked with GLOBALG.A.P. Our relationship with GLOBALG.A.P. goes back a long time.

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