MSU On-demand 2020 Nursery Conference Now Available

Nursery growers can now access the free, on-demand 2020 virtual nursery conference. Topics include water issues, oak wilt, liverwort control, biological control and boxwood blight.

Michigan State University Extension is proud to release the virtual, on-demand 2020 Nursery Conference. The majority of presentations were developed by faculty from Michigan State University. The content is available for free by creating a free community ID and registering for the conference, which is offered using MSU’s remote learning platform, Desire2Learn. The nursery conference provides nursery growers with the latest research-based information on water, pest and disease management topics.

Pest and disease management

The topics surrounding pest and disease management include northern root-knot nematode management, liverwort control in nurseries, an introduction to biological control for nursery growers, differentiating boxwood blight from other common diseases, and a research update on oak wilt.  

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