Plantarium 2021 is Scheduled for 1 to 3 September

The preparations for Plantarium 2021 are currently underway. The pandemic is causing a lot of uncertainty, which means that the decision on whether or not to open the physical location of the fair in September will be made at the end of March.  This will be based on current developments surrounding the coronavirus pandemic and decisions will be made at a later date than in previous years. As a result, registration will only be possible in the month of April; no earlier and no later. 

This way, participants and visitors will be able to have some certainty about whether or not the fair will actually be taking place. As usual the fair will take place at our very own Plantarium Building, but in a new and improved format. This year, Plantarium has opted for an independent fair. After all, the pandemic requires a high level of flexibility and self-reliance. One important advantage is that most participants have indicated a preference for the month of September rather than a fair during the summer holidays in August.

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