Post-Pandemic Era – The 23rd World Orchid Conference is postponed to 2021 in Taichung City

In response to the global outbreak of COVID-19, the Council of Agriculture, the Taichung City Government and its Agriculture Bureau, together with the Taiwan Orchid Growers Association jointly announced on February 28 that the 23rd World Orchid Conference, which was originally scheduled from March 9 to 19, 2020, be postponed to April 24 to May 3, 2021. This undertaken was necessary considering the participants, such as the speakers, exhibitors, and vendors from overseas, may encounter various degrees of difficulty coming to Taiwan and to protect the health and safety of all WOC participants and the people of Taiwan. Taiwan has been striving for the opportunity to hold a WOC for more than a decade. Even though the events were postponed due to the pandemic, we remain committed to holding the WOC in Taiwan in 2021.

The World Orchid Conference, one of the largest orchid events globally, is held every 3 years in a different country around the world. These events bring members of the global orchid community together. The conference comprises a scientific lecture program, an orchid show featuring displays by growers and enthusiasts from countries around the world, and a social program including banquets, tours of the surrounding area and visiting orchid nurseries.

The format of the resumed 23rd WOC in 2021 will combine in-person and virtual presentations for overseas invited speakers, presenters, and participants. A virtual platform will allow orchid hobbyists and professionals from around the world to participate remotely, despite the restrictions on travel and quarantine at the borders that may remain in place at the time.

Taiwan is blessed with incredible biological diversity due to its range of climatic zones and varied topography. The exhibition will include conservation of the native orchids in an area to showcase the unique charm and beauty of Taiwan’s endemic orchids, as well as the theme landscape of the three elements of life so that the exhibition will help drive the excitement of other associated activities.

We are looking to the future of International/global development. Taiwan aims to break through the limits of the epidemic so as to create a post-pandemic revolution at the 23rd WOC.