Research Update: Comparison of the Efficacy of Regular and Ultra Versions of FloraLife Crystal Clear Flower Food

The benefits of flower food on cut flowers are well established. Cut flower food is engineered to provide necessary nutrients and other beneficial ingredients at correct proportions for cut flowers to open, develop color, and remain vibrant and attractive for a long duration. This ensures the enjoyment of flowers by the consumers and encourage repeat purchase.

Cut flower food products come in different formats depending on many factors including the type of use (e.g., holding vs. vase treatments), type of flower, and type of formulation desired (e.g., powder vs. liquid concentrate). One of FloraLife’s main focus area is product stewardship while making continuous improvements on the efficacy and ease of use. One such effort is the development and launch of concentrated liquid formulas. By concentrating the liquid products without compromising the efficacy, we take steps towards sustainability with less use of packaging, plastics, and reduced shipping weight.

This test was conducted to compare the efficacy of our regular FloraLife Crystal Clear® liquid flower food (16 ml/L) to the concentrated FloraLife Crystal Clear® Ultra (10 ml/L) version. The formulations yield the same composition in the use solution once the product is dosed and mixed properly in water.

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