Effect of Shipping Method and EthylBloc Treatment On Vase-Life of Stock (Matthiola incana) Following Simulated Wholesale Storage And Exposure to Ethylene Gas

February 27, 2024 FloraLife

Stock (Mathiola incana) is a popular cool season cut flower known for its fragrant showy flower spikes in a variety of colors.  Stock is often harvested with a portion of its root system still attached and can be prone to wilting as well as challenging to hydrate.  For this reason, some growers will ship these flowers in a transport solution.   Stock is also ethylene sensitive. 

Vase Life Study of Spray Roses

Spray roses are popular as a component of cut-flower bouquets. There are many varieties with a range of colors and opening characteristics. We are often evaluating commercially important spray rose varieties to understand the postharvest characteristics and improve the quality. In this research update we share results of experiments done with spray roses grown in Colombia.

FloraLife Bouquet Wrap Effective at Maintaining Freshness at High Temperatures

December 26, 2023 FloraLife

Wrapping of bouquet stem ends in a water holding material prior to e-commerce shipping is often done to ensure that the bouquet arrives at its final destination looking fresh and hydrated. We wanted to evaluate the effects of FloraLife® Bouquet Wrap on fresh weight (FWT) loss, vase solution uptake, and vase life during simulated 48-hour shipping at two different temperatures 20C (68F) or 30C (86F).

Carnations: Versatility & Beauty Incarnate!

December 26, 2023 FloraLife

Carnations are hands down, one the most versatile flowers a florist can rely on over the holiday season. As one of the oldest cultivated flowers in the world, they have been grown as far back as Roman times right up to the present day, carnations have been captivating humans for millennia and for good reason. Not only are they beautiful, but also long lasting, and often fragrant too.

El Niño & Colombia: What Does it Mean to the Colombian Flower Industry?

November 9, 2023 FloraLife

Sometimes we hear mention of El Niño in the weather report and all of the effects it is having on the weather outside our front door, but have you ever wondered what is El Niño really? What does it mean for all of us and how it might impact the flower biz?