Total Quality Management Research Guides Postharvest Quality Success

Flower losses of 20 – 30% are reported as flowers move from growers to retail outlets and to consumers. High quality, long-lasting flowers are among the highest priorities when consumers make floral purchases. Imagine the impact on your profit if you could reduce your shrink to 5% or less. Well, you can! Care and handling research in the U.S., Europe, Israel, and other countries has provided guidelines for maintaining long lasting flowers.

Gypsophila: Iconic Little Clouds

Gypsophila or Baby’s Breath has long been a firm favorite filler flower, and it’s no wonder as their angular stems and beautiful fluffy white flowers are ideal for bridging the spaces between larger blooms.  Todays’ varieties, such as Xlence and Million Star, are icons in their own right and are just as often used as a focus flower.

Effects of FloraLife Lisianthus Flower Food

June 3, 2022 FloraLife

Lisianthus is a crop that needs continuous flower food supply postharvest for optimum vase life, flowering percentage, and petal color intensity results. Lisianthus is usually harvested when a stem has a couple of open flowers. These flowers have an intense color. The buds that open later usually have a paler color, up to the stage that the color has basically vanished.

FloraLife Launches New Global Website with Comprehensive Industry Resources

March 18, 2022 FloraLife

FloraLife, a division of Smithers-Oasis Company, and worldwide leader in providing solutions throughout the flower journey from propagation to presentation, recently launched its new website,, to provide a better experience for its users, along with a vast source of floral industry educational resources.

Anemones: A Breath of Fresh Air

December 31, 2021 FloraLife

Anemones are flowers which embody the most beautiful contradictions. They are high in drama due to their stunning colors, yet they remain delicate and ethereal. These flowers offer the perfect visual antidote for any holiday decoration fatigue you may be feeling.