Royal FloraHolland Starts Research Into Feasibility of New Logistics Centres

In line with its strategy, Royal FloraHolland is also working on its own real estate strategy. The introduction and roll-out of Floriday, One Clock and new logistics concepts not only result in a different use of space, but also in a substantial reduction in the amount of space required. Free space is available for this purpose in both Aalsmeer and Naaldwijk. Royal FloraHolland is carrying out research into the feasibility of new construction, in combination with the reallocation of the land that becomes available. In addition, possibilities for rebuilding existing real estate are included in the study.

Research new developments

In Aalsmeer, the development of Aalsmeer-East is being examined in concrete terms. The fallow land will soon be made ready for construction. In close consultation with growers and trading companies, we are looking at strengthening the market place. Royal FloraHolland is investigating the possibilities of functionally upgrading the Naaldwijk location. One of the possibilities is the realisation of a modern logistics centre on TPW Mars. It is also looking at the possibilities of converting existing space to accommodate new logistics concepts and at the forms of collaboration with Royal FloraHolland’s customers. This also applies to Rijnsburg. The (re)development of Royal FloraHolland’s property will be fully geared to new logistics concepts in line with Royal FloraHolland’s strategy. The future-proof design of real estate makes it possible to optimise and expand the services provided to growers and buyers. This development will enable both growers and traders and Royal FloraHolland to operate more effectively.

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