Selecta Releases New Spring Annuals and Trixi catalogue

Summer is coming and gardens and balconies are becoming more colourful and tasty. With the new Spring Annuals + Trixi® catalogue (please find the South Europe version here), we present you proven highlights, surprises and novelties. So, nothing stands in the way of a successful 2022/23 season.

In addition to the ever-popular varieties, such as Drums® verbena or the SKYfamily petunia, which have been expanded with new varieties, we also present our orange-red verbena Mr. LavaLava®, which delights with its unique, full-coverage appearance. A real eye-catcher.

Another highlight is our FleuroStar submission 2022, the Fancy Francy. A Calibrachoa in pastel pink and yellow that adds tropical vibes to the garden or balcony.

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