Tremendo: Heart-Shaped and Full of Passion!

The huge number of medium-sized red flowers that this plant produces in a short period of time makes Tremendo® a real eye-catcher. The name Tremendo is not without reason, derived from the English word ‘tremendous’, which means grandiose and awesome.   

The flowers on this Anthurium pot plant really do resemble hearts, which makes this variety unique in the assortment. Each flower on the plant is red and heart-shaped. The shape and colour of the flowers make the plant ideal for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays and other occasions when love is the centre of attention.

This Anthurium pot plant is suitable for the larger pot sizes of 14 cm and 17 cm, has excellent cold tolerance, and long-lasting colour stability on the bracts. In real long-lasting warm climate zones, the colour can be a little bit less intense, but during a short warm period the newly planted flowers will not discolour. The leaf quality of Tremendo has been tested and found to be good. 

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