Daily’s Premium Meats Launches Steak Cut Bacon

DATELINE — Daily’s® Premium Meats, master of producing premium bacon for more than 130 years, announces the launch of its new Steak Cut Bacon product this fall. The announcement comes just in time to celebrate National Pork Month in October. Daily’s® Steak Cut Bacon will be available in select retail locations this fall with plans to expand into additional stores around the country. Bacon lovers can rest assured that they’ll continue to “Belly Up to the Best” and expect the same sought-after quality that Daily’s has delivered for years, now available in a thicker-than-thick cut, making bacon an experience and not just an ingredient. 

“We’ve seen tremendous long-term growth in the thick cut bacon category that is currently outpacing standard cuts,” said Josh Carlson, senior director of innovation and insights at Daily’s Premium Meats. “Our team has monitored this trend and is excited to bring this new line of Daily’s Steak Cut Bacon to market so that consumers in search of a hearty, satisfying slice of premium bacon can take their meals up a notch.” 

Daily’s Premium Meats is committed to using only the highest quality ingredients like natural applewood hardwood, signature premium sugar and honey cures for an enhanced smoked bacon flavor that consumers have craved for years. The commitment to using fresh, never frozen pork bellies sourced from Daily’s connected food system ensures quality control and a reliable, raw supply from farm to plants. This collaboration among farmers, three dedicated bacon processing plants and a networked supply chain to control the entire production process from farm to delivery, ensures high-quality product every time. 

“Daily’s Steak Cut Bacon is the bacon that bacon lovers dream about. The thicker-than-thick cut slice is an innovative approach to an established category that we’ve seen consumers consistently demand,” said Emma Pierce, brand manager for Daily’s Premium Meats. “We couldn’t think of a better time to launch this new product than during National Pork Month.”  

Daily’s Steak Cut Bacon will be available to consumers beginning in a 16-oz. pack with an applewood smoked flavor. 

For more information, visit: www.dailysmeats.com

About Daily’s

Daily’s® Premium Meats is a leading provider of high-quality premium bacon that has been operating for more than 130 years. Founded by John R. Daily in 1893, the company’s commitment to quality and mastery inspires every product produced to this day. Daily’s Premium Meats’ connected food system fosters collaboration among farmers, bacon processing plants and networked supply chain, allowing Daily’s to control the production process from farm to delivery. For more information, visit www.dailysmeats.com.