Franklin Farms Launches New Line of Plant-Based Protein Products – Planty Good Patties and Ground Meat Alternatives

PARSIPPANY, NJ — Franklin Farms™, a brand with more than twenty years expertise in plant-based protein foods and a division of Keystone Natural Holdings, announced the launch of its long-awaited Planty Good™ product line. The line includes ready-to-cook plant-based patties and plant-based ground meat and is now available. These great-tasting, protein packed plant-based patties appeal to vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian consumers alike.

Plant-based foods have a healthy halo and today’s consumers are eager to include them in their diets, even if they are not strictly vegetarians. Recent SPIN data from March 2020 supports this shift in consumer diets and reflects the rapid growth of plant-based foods, as record-breaking sales topped $5 billion dollars by the end of 2019.

“Now as Franklin Farms launches Planty Good, a line of plant-based, high protein products that look and taste great, consumers are discovering a new reason to eat more plant-based foods,” said Cindy Wong, Vice President of Sales, Franklin Farms. “We are happy to provide a complete assortment of healthier food options and are excited to have consumers try our brand-new line of entirely plant-based protein products with the delicious taste and texture you would expect from traditional burgers and ground meat. Planty Good is sure to give other plant-based patties in the market a run for their money because they satisfy consumer cravings for great-tasting food.”

Planty Good is available in the refrigerated or frozen food aisles, in two sizes: an 8oz package of two patties or a 16oz package of plant-based ground. All Planty Good patties and ground offer 17-19 grams of protein per serving and are gluten-free and GMO-free. They offer consumers the same taste and texture of regular beef, yet these vegan products are packed with beneficial nutrients—and less of the unnecessary saturated fats and cholesterol contained in their meat counterparts. Planty Good products are made with textured vegetable protein to provide the meaty texture that consumers associate with ground meat. 

Consumers will find cooking with plant-based protein has never been so easy, with Planty Good patties and ground. The easy-to-handle patties can be grilled or pan-fried. The ground version can be prepared in countless ways and blends easily into recipes from traditional American dishes such as chili, to street tacos and spaghetti sauce, as well as any international cuisine.

Franklin Farms uses only the highest quality ingredients and packaging to provide a healthy selection of plant-based products for any meal of the day. Product offerings including veggie patties, meatless meatballs, tofu, seitan, tempeh, edamame and vegan jerky. Franklin Farms is a proud member of healthy brands under Keystone Natural Holdings, a company devoted to developing authentic, healthy-conscious and innovative food.

To learn more about Franklin Farms and its plant-based product offerings or to find the nearest retail location, please visit or email for more information.


About Franklin Farms

Franklin Farms began over 20 years ago as a simple mushroom farm in Franklin, Connecticut. Since then, they have been creating exciting yet good-for-you meatless meals from field to table. Great ingredients make great foods which is why Franklin Farms starts with flavor-forward, high-quality plant proteins. They offer a range of health-conscious plant-based protein products that span day parts, meal types, and taste profiles. From end to end, Franklin Farms makes it easy and delicious for consumers to cook with and eat great-tasting plant-based proteins. From our farms to a store near you, find the nearest retail location at: