North Country Smokehouse Partners with Uber Eats

CLAREMONT, N.H. – Digital-to-doorstep food delivery has been on the rise for more than a decade and Uber Eats continues to lead the charge. Operating in over 6,000 cities across 45 countries since its inception in 2014, the company contracts global couriers to fulfill orders by car, scooter, bike, and even by foot. Swipe, click, scroll, or tap – it’s never been easier for people to access and enjoy their favorite eats.

Uber’s long-standing mission to ‘connect the physical and digital world with a tap of a button’ hasn’t fallen short with their most recent drop shipping endeavor that allows Uber Eats visitors to order direct-to-home delivery with guaranteed free shipping from premium brands nationwide.

Uber Eats reached out to North Country Smokehouse looking to establish their clean-label line of smoked meats as an exclusive pork offering in December 2022. “We were quick to commit,” says Alicia Baker, North Country’s Director of Marketing. “We announced the partnership the very same month, just two days after Christmas. We launched six, Certified Humane and Organic smoked meat collections that are only available to shoppers.”

North Country Smokehouse isn’t new to the mail order game. They have been shipping low & slow smoked meats nationwide for years. “We have a loyal following and our customers love having access to specialty products they can’t find on the retail shelf,” Baker continues. “Uber Eats curated some really amazing collections for their customers and they’ve performed well so far.”

About North Country Smokehouse

As one of America’s few remaining, family-owned smokehouses, North Country’s mission is to hand craft premium, artisanal smoked meats with relentless flavor, exceptional animal care, and respect for the land. Located in the heart of New England, their authentic charcuterie features only the best hand-selected, natural ingredients, and small batch smoking process over embers of local hardwoods.

A subsidiary of duBreton, North Country Smokehouse is vertically integrated from feed to further processing and farms responsibly for people, animals, and the environment. In an industry widely focused on pace, North Country Smokehouse is focused on restoring values to America’s farm and food systems and has been recognized for producing premium, better- for-you proteins with patience and persistence.

Voted America’s Best Bacon by Men’s Journal, New England’s Best Meat by Yankee Magazine, and The Best Bacon in America by Food & Wine, the company prioritizes true transparency and culinary innovation.

North Country Smokehouse can be found at upscale retailers, discerning distributors, and with custom crafted recipes in noted restaurants, hotels, and resorts nationwide.

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