Prime Roots Expands and Shakes Up the Future of the Alternative-Meat Industry

BERKELEY, Calif. — Prime Roots, formerly known as Terramino Foods, pioneers of the first plant based salmon burger, is set to debut their delicious suite of seafood and meat alternative products this Spring. Foodies can look forward to ordering delectable meat and seafood alternatives which includes salmon, tuna, lobster, bacon, chicken, and more online. As a community-driven brand, Prime Roots empowers its community of eaters with a voice in determining which products the company first launches, and conducted an extensive product voting initiative over the last several months. Prime Roots currently has a waitlist of over 10,000 “community members” eagerly awaiting to order online and devour their healthy, tasty, and sustainable products.

Unlike most of the players in the alternative meat space that are mostly soy, wheat, or pea based, Prime Roots’ products are made using their Koji superprotein, a healthy whole-food source of protein. Koji – an all-natural plant-based source of protein that serves as the cornerstone for all of Prime Roots’ delicious meat substitutes and provides meaty umami notes and meaty texture, it is often used by Michelin-star chefs. With Koji, Prime Roots’ chefs can make each of their products with the same mouthwatering taste and texture as meat and seafood, but without the health or environmental concerns that have put a serious strain on our bodies and on our planet.

Formerly known as Terramino Foods, the company was founded by Kimberlie Le and Joshua Nixon in 2017 while researchers at the UC Berkeley’s Alternative Meat Lab. Kim, a daughter of chefs and food entrepreneurs, and Josh, a social-impact oriented biologist and engineer, are excited to bring the company back to its roots in Berkeley, with the opening of their new headquarters. Located in a state of the art 12,000 square foot facility in West Berkeley, the headquarters will house the production of all of Prime Roots’ alternative meat and seafood products. 

Prime Roots’ meat and seafood alternatives will be available for purchase on its website, and shipped directly to hungry diner’s doors nationwide in early 2020. For more information, please visit:

About Prime Roots:

Prime Roots is an alternative seafood and meat company creating delicious products made from Koji, a Japanese superfood. Headquartered in Berkeley, California, Prime Roots is committed to positively influencing America’s food culture and reducing the hefty environmental impact of meat. The company makes delicious meat and seafood alternatives, while avoiding hyper-processing techniques that are utilized by other meat alternative companies. Their products are developed using proprietary methods that combine cutting-edge technology with ancient techniques – resulting in better tasting and naturally textured market alternatives. Prime Roots is backed by Collaborative Fund (investors in Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods), and True Ventures (investors in Blue Bottle Coffee and Sweetgreen).