Seaboard Foods Donates to Rural High School STEM and Ag Programs with CoBank Matched Funds

Hooker, Okla. – With the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projecting careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) to grow twice as quickly as other industries, Seaboard Foods contributed $38,300 to several rural high schools where it operates to fund industrial arts programs and equipment. Several of the donations were made in partnership with CoBank’s Sharing Success Program which funds community and educational efforts in rural America. 

In Oklahoma, Seaboard Foods and CoBank donated $20,000 to fund the new metal and welding program at Hooker High School. The contribution supplies five new welding machines for 40 students to learn technical, problem-solving and STEM skills. Graduates with these skills are highly sought after in agriculture, manufacturing and other industries that are prevalent in rural economies.

“We are very appreciative of Seaboard Foods for funding the new Agriculture Power & Technology program with equipment and supplies. Our students will receive training that could lead to a welding career in a variety of industries,” said Stuart Moore, superintendent of schools, Hooker Public Schools.

In Eastern Colorado, Seaboard Foods and CoBank collectively contributed $15,000 to the Ag Shop class at Holyoke High School. The funds allow the school to upgrade very outdated metal work, woodworking and other agricultural equipment. Seventy students in the rural district will benefit from learning important technical skills, STEM and life skills using new equipment.

“We are so grateful for the grant from Seaboard Foods that will help us upgrade and purchase new tools for the Holyoke Ag Shop. We have a large number of students interested in pursuing a career in the trades skills area, and it is so important that they are being trained on up to date and industry standard equipment. This grant will allow us to do this!” said Shauna Strecker, Holyoke High School ag teacher & FFA advisor.

In the last twelve months, Seaboard Foods donated to other high school programs in communities where it operates.

In addition to school program donations, Seaboard Foods also conducts a scholarship program launching in October contributing $65,000 to high school seniors seeking to further their education after graduation in communities where it operates.  Community high school seniors could apply for $40,000 in scholarships and children of Seaboard Foods’ employees could apply for $25,000 in scholarships.

In 2021, Seaboard Foods contributed $869,000 in financial and product donations to charitable causes with $390,500 in donations to school and sports buyout programs, community events, club donations and more.


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