Zatarain’s Smoked Sausage Cooks with Fire

Zatarain’s Smoked Sausage recently partnered with seven grill masters and chefs for a Summer Grilling Influencer Campaign. Recipes from culinary creators ranged from deliciously quick foil packets to surf and turf crab cakes seared to perfection.

Grill enthusiast and social media sensation, Miguel Raya, aka @cooking_with_fire, was one of the influencers who gave followers not one, but two, custom recipes for those wanting to switch it up on the grill this summer.

For the first recipe, Raya created Andouille style grilled dogs on fresh butter rolls topped with grilled veggies and Oaxaca cheese. For round two, Raya served up some Cajun style sausage tacos with a sweet, mango habanero and pico de gallo finish.

However you plan to grill this summer, use Zatarain’s Smoked Sausage to complete your recipes and bring a little bit of Louisiana into your kitchen.

Zatarain’s Cajun and Andouille Smoked Sausage can be found at Kroger, Walmart and Food Lion stores across the country.

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