800 Dole Employees, Supporters From Four Countries Come Together for 21k La Ceiba Run to Raise Funds for Honduran Charities

CHARLOTTE, NC –  On February 21, Standard Fruit de Honduras, a subsidiary of Dole Food Company, and Dole teammates in Honduras, Guatemala, United States, and Italy joined up for the 4th annual 21K La Ceiba fundraising run event in support of residents in La Ceiba, Honduras.

The event this year included more than 800 runners, in these four countries raising more than $10,000 for social, therapeutic, and educational programs for residents of the Honduran city.  

For more than 122 years, La Ceiba, Honduras’ fourth largest city, has headquartered Standard Fruit de Honduras, one of the nation’s major Caribbean banana and pineapple operations.  

Over the past four years the run has evolved from an internal health initiative to full national event.

“When we first began in 2018 the objective was simply to encourage a healthy lifestyle among Dole employees,” said Hector Ferrera, General Manager Honduras and Guatemala. “We quickly saw a greater opportunity for participation among the broader community to raise funds and awareness that could support non-profit organizations that benefit local residents of La Ceiba. Now it has gone international at Dole.”

Funds raised this year benefit the Centro de Rehabilitación Integral del Litoral Atlántico (C.R.I.L.A.), an organization focused on the comprehensive rehabilitation of people living with disability, through physical therapy, psychological support, hydrotherapy, and special education; and the Cancer Foundation of La Ceiba works towards early detection and treatment of cancer in the Atlantic Coast area of the country. These institutions use these donations to subsidize and bolster their community programs to reach most people in need.

The event also contributes to the city’s economic benefit by bringing together large groups of people from across the country, all utilizing La Ceiba’s local services such as hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions.

“As a company, Dole appreciates organizing, sponsoring, and supporting these types of activities that are improving the quality of life for many people in need,” added Ferrera. “We look forward to seeing more runners here every year. “

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