A Digital Campaign for the Orange Fruit and Orange Juice by Those Who Produce and Export Them Around the World

NEW YORK — The new “Fresh Up Your Life!  top quality European fruit and veg” digital campaign has been online for a few weeks, a European Union and CSO Italy-funded project where growers talk about their passion for their produce.

Another of “Fresh Up Your Life’s” communication and promotional activities, which will continue to spread the culture, supporting European fruit and veg to consumers and businesses in the USA (and the United Arab Emirates) until 2025, highlighting their quality, flavor, safety and healthiness, values that are guaranteed by strict production specifications. The following Italian companies are also participating in the project: Apofruit Italia, Cico-Mazzoni, Conserve Italia, Lagnasco Group, Oranfrizer, Origine, Unacoa.

Sixty seconds on social media channels focusing on the project’s partner companies, their products and the territory of production. The videos are genuine cinematic portraits that genuinely and authentically express the passion behind the quality of Italian fruit and vegetable productions in the company’s own words. As a result of this artistic and, at the same time, human character, the campaign has been entitled “Deliciously Human.”

These companies and the people who work there are representing Italy and have made this goal a daily commitment, accompanying us on this journey. In these two videos focusing on oranges, we land in Sicily, on the slopes of Mount Etna, where Oranfrizer grow their red oranges: a dream-like landscape between the brightness of the orchards and the dark shades of the volcano, which gives the juices an indistinguishable taste, with a deep flavor. Italy has always played a fundamental role in the orange production, favored by its mild climate, landscape and the characteristics of the land, often very suited for cultivation due to the proximity of the sea. And Sicily is the home of the red orange, a fruit eaten throughout the whole winter with twice the vitamin content of normal oranges. Red citrus fruits are among the most sought after and the tastiest.

Ensuring that flavor is not compromised during the production process is a crucial task. A job that Quality Supervisor Francesco carries out with pride to protect and preserve the indistinguishable flavor of Sicily: as he tells us, he never adds anything to red orange juice. No water, no sugar, no artificial coloring or any other additives. Over time, the company has refined its knowledge and focus on the standardization of the organoleptic properties of the fruit. This control starts the raw materials, as it is essential that all juice contains the best properties: the sweet and sour taste, a good amount of vitamin C and anthocyanins, natural coloring with antioxidant properties, which determine the red color of the juice.

Every day, Oranfrizer Red Oranges are “exploring” the world, spreading their delicious flavor, sharing a culture handed down from generation to generation. Each new market reached is a proud memory for Export Sales Manager Sara who, at Oranfrizer, found the opportunity to combine her love for her country and its traditional produce with her passion for travel and discovering new horizons.

The “Deliciously Human” campaign expresses the passion for fruit and vegetable production because, in this way, it can be seen, appreciated and enjoyed in every corner of the world.