Alliance For Food And Farming Board Approves 2019 Program, Appoints Tynan As New Vice-Chair

At its annual meeting held this month, the Alliance for Food and Farming Management Board approved 2019 projects that will help advance the organization’s objective of providing credible, science based information to consumers so that facts, not fears, can guide their produce shopping choices. 

“The AFF has an exciting program on the horizon in 2019 with many new elements,” says Tim York, President of Markon Cooperative and AFF Management Board Chair.  “We have seen the hard work of the Board and staff pay off throughout the years of the Safe Fruits and Veggies campaign as we build our network of influencers and continue to advance science-based content about produce safety.”

New in 2019 will be a completely revised and updated website, which will include a new webpage specifically for registered dietitians.  The website is the cornerstone of the Safe Fruits and Veggies Campaign and includes peer reviewed studies on nutrition and produce safety, safety standards governing the use of organic and conventional pesticides, an easy-to-use residue calculator where consumers can quickly learn about the safety of their favorite fruit or veggie and much more. 

In conjunction with Markon Cooperative, the AFF will also host its third “’Facts, Not Fear’ Produce Safety Tour for bloggers, media and nutrition communicators.  “The tour continues to exceed our expectations,” York says.  “Their is such a positive impact from media and nutrition communicators seeing farms firsthand and meeting and talking directly with farmers and scientists as they learn more about how we prioritize food safety.”

In addition to approving plans for 2019, the AFF Management Board also appointed Kate Tynan, Vice President of the Northwest Horticultural Council to serve as the organization’s new Vice Chair.  “Kate is just impressive and she will be a positive force in this leadership role,” York says.  “We feel lucky to have her and I am personally looking forward to working with her more closely as we continue to advance this organization.”  Tynan will also now serve on the AFF’s Executive Committee.  She will continue her participation on the AFF Communications Committee as well.

During the meeting, Lisa Lochridge, Director of Public Affairs for the Florida Fruit and Vegetable Association was appointed to the AFF Board replacing the retiring Mike Stuart.  “I don’t think any of us can express how much the industry will miss Mike,” York says. “But Lisa has served on the AFF’s Communications Committee over the last four years and her familiarity with our objectives and her commitment to the organization will make her the natural replacement for Mike on our Board.”  

The AFF Management Board also honored Stuart and the soon retiring Matt McInerney, Executive Vice President for Western Growers for their years of service to the AFF organization.  “The Board and especially the AFF staff will miss Matt and Mike so much.  Their support, perspective, input and guidance have been integral to our successes,” York says. 

McInerney chaired the AFF Management Board for over six years and helped launch the Safe Fruits and Veggies campaign.  The organization grew and expanded under his leadership which allowed the AFF to continue to develop communications strategies that have helped it meet and exceed its goals and objectives. 

The Alliance for Food and Farming is a non-profit organization formed in 1989 which represents organic and conventional farmers and farms of all sizes.  Alliance contributors are limited to farmers of fruits and vegetables, companies that sell, market or ship fruits and vegetables or organizations that represent produce farmers.  Our mission is to deliver credible information about the safety of fruits and vegetables.