Applewood Fresh Growers Announces Company Launch

SPARTA, Mich. — Applewood Fresh Growers LLC, a grower, packer, shipper and marketer of the finest Michigan apples, is excited to announce its official company launch. Headquartered in a powerhouse apple-growing region, Applewood Fresh ships 21 apple varieties across the country on a year-round basis. While officially a new company, Applewood Fresh can trace its family-owned roots back to 1935 and the founding of its affiliate Applewood Orchards, Inc.

“Our work is about more than just sales or profit,” said Scott Swindeman, owner at Applewood Fresh and fourth-generation grower and partner at Applewood Orchards. “We take pride in serving as a reliable partner to our growers and customers, providing access to healthy, great-tasting fruit to people across the country and cultivating strong industry relationships along the way.”

Applewood Fresh offers an array of apple varieties to the U.S. market, which is made possible by its network of predominantly family-owned orchards spanning more than 11,000 acres. Included in the company’s 21 varietal offerings are four managed varieties: KIKU®, Kanzi®, Rave® and SweeTango®. Managed varieties are grown only by licensed growers in specific climate regions with ideal conditions for growing each particular varietal.

“We are thrilled to extend the legacy of a multi-generational company that not only offers delicious, quality apples but also values and prioritizes its relationships throughout the supply chain, from grower to buyer to consumer,” said Antonia Mascari, director of marketing at Applewood Fresh.

As part of its dedication to nurturing strategic partnerships, Applewood Fresh has optimized its supply chain for lasting balance and implemented sustainability measures that include: advanced irrigation and pest control measures, pooling methods, eco-friendly packaging and wind and solar power. These environmental safeguards were designed to protect and preserve the orchards long-term, many of which have been farmed by the families of Applewood Fresh growers for multiple generations.

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About Applewood Fresh

Applewood Fresh Growers LLC, a grower, packer, shipper and marketer of the finest Michigan apples, can trace its roots back to 1935 and the founding of affiliate company Applewood Orchards. Now on the fourth generation of family ownership, the company represents growers at primarily family-owned orchards across the state that inspire the mission to bring quality apples to consumers year-round. Applewood Fresh currently ships 21 apple varieties nationwide. For more information, please visit