Ayco Farms and Fisher Ranch Join Forces to Distribute Melons Year-Round

Ayco Farms and Fisher Ranch, prominent players in the seasonal melon industry, have recently announced a significant collaboration. The alliance is aimed at supplying a year-round assortment of melons, including cantaloupe, honeydew, along with various mixed melons. Targeting retail, food service, and fresh-cut segments, this alliance guarantees their clientele a steady provision of premium-quality melons.

Ayco, a multinational, premier supplier of various offshore fruits and vegetables, including cantaloupes, watermelons, honeydews, pineapples, and asparagus, operates extensively across Central and South America and Mexico. Fisher Ranch supplies melons throughout North America and is renowned for producing sweet, flavorful vine-ripe melons. Fisher Ranch operates in Arizona and California, bringing domestic operational support and more than 6 decades of expertise and dedication to the industry.

Bart Fisher, principal shareholder of Fisher Ranch, highlighted the synergistic potential of this initiative with Ayco. “This alliance is a natural progression for Fisher and our growth strategy. We bring a combined legacy of quality, innovation, and customer-focused operations. This new venture is more than just a business arrangement; it’s a commitment to excellence.”

“The creation of this program with Fisher Ranch marks a significant milestone for Ayco,” said Avi Nir, CEO and President of Ayco. “It represents our promise to provide our customers with top-quality melons all year round. We’re excited about the opportunities for this alliance and the benefits it will offer our customers.”

Both Ayco and Fisher Ranch are renowned for their stringent control over every stage of their operations, from cultivation and harvesting to packaging, quality control, and distribution. This meticulous attention to detail ensures that only the finest melons reach their customers.

Ayco will transition to Fisher Ranch with melon production in AZ and California beginning from late May and continuing through October. The collaboration will leverage Guatemalan melons from November to June, guaranteeing a year-round supply.

For additional information, please contact Fisher Ranch at www.fisherranch.com and Ayco Farms at www.aycofarms.com.