BDA/Dorot Farm – Plans to Relaunch NEW Rainbow Carrots Post-Pandemic as Foodservice Reopens

BDA/Dorot Farm, the number one exporter of fresh and sweet carrots from Israel, is relaunching their NEW Rainbow Carrots after the pandemic, when restaurant and food service providers reopen. We are very excited to expand our product line of fresh and sweet Rainbow Carrots direct from our farm to the North American region.

“The new Rainbow Carrots are the answer to the current culinary trends in the markets. They are a unique product with different colors and tastes, perfect for high end restaurant chefs’ cooking and garnishing. We always comply with the innovations around the world.” says Ami Ben-Dror, CEO of BDA/Dorot Farm.

Rainbow carrots are available in 25lb for food service and ‘fresh and cut’ and 5lb and 2lb bags for retail chains. They come in purple, red, yellow, white, and orange, each color by itself or mixed carrot bags.

BDA/Dorot Farm Number 1 Grower Group, is the number 1 exporter of fresh and sweet carrots around the world, exporting to North America, Europe, and Africa. Our jumbo carrots and cello carrots are delivered fresh from our farm to the customers.

For more information about Dorot Farm fresh and sweet carrots, please visit BDA/Dorot Farm headquarters are located in New York. For additional information please call the office at 516-882-2018 or email