BelleHarvest Celebrates Apple Harvest with Curious Pairings Event

Belding, Michigan – BelleHarvest, a grower-owned distributor of fresh apples in Michigan celebrated National Apple Month with a Curious Pairings event in Grand Rapids, MI on Saturday, October 16.

The three-part event was a day-long immersion where young-adult influencers were paired with The Ginger Chef, Jennifer Zirkle-Grawburg for an exploration of flavors and recipes featuring BelleHarvest’s apples. influencers were invited to pick fruit, create curious culinary pairings, then serve the pairings to a group of BelleHarvest’s growers and team members.

“Having young adults bring new insights and trending flavors into the kitchen sparked inspiration for all of us,” shared BelleHarvest CEO, Milt Fuehrer. “Bringing their perspectives into the kitchen was a great way to celebrate National Apple Month.”

The influencers and Chef Jennifer began their day in a Pink Lady orchard. They harvested their own apples before heading into the test kitchen to start pairing, curiously. They then served an apple-heavy charcuterie board followed by three main dishes of apple sausage chili, apple corn bread and apple potato hash. They wrapped up the evening with apple caramel s’mores around a bonfire.

“The Curious Pairings event generated content that will support our retail campaigns throughout the winter and into next spring,” shared BelleHarvest Marketing Director, Angela Sommers. “We’re always seeking new ways to support the promotion of Michigan grown apples. This event did just that.”