Bloom Fresh Celebrates Top Prizes and Achievements at the South African Block Competitions

Timco™, Timpson™, Cotton Candy™ and Sweet Globe™ Varietals Take Top Awards 

SOUTH AFRICA – BLOOM FRESH™ or BLOOM, the world’s leading premium fruit-breeding company specializing in table grapes, cherries, and raisins, took the honors during the last South African and Namibia Block Competitions with their varieties Timco™, Timpson™, Cotton Candy™ and Sweet Globe™. These awards are especially important for BLOOM as South Africa and Namibia are growing markets for table grape production, underscoring how well BLOOM’s top varieties grow in these regions.

The competitions recognize excellence in table grape production throughout South Africa. The competitions are held in farms from several regions’ farms, including the Berg River, Orange River, the Hex River, and the Elephant River, and Namibia.  

The purpose of these competitions is to give recognition to the region’s farmers. The contest mainly consists of two categories, the Production Block and the Young Block. The first category of judging includes correct viticultural practices such as soil preparation, irrigation, crop control, and general appearance. In the second category, the focus is placed on the soil preparation and the successful establishment of the young vines.BLOOM’s top winners in Namibia went to Namibian Grape Company for BLOOM’s Timco™ variety. Achill, Fairview Farm’s Timpson™ variety took second place and won the Young Block Achievers award.  Second place in the Young Block competition went to Sonop Farms for Sweet Celebration™ as well as for Sweet Globe™.

BLOOM’s table grape varieties also took top honors in the Berg River and Hex River block competitions. The winner of the Production Block was Steenebrug Farms, followed by Dasdrif Farms with Sweet Globe™, and third place went to Heimat Boerdery with Sweet Celebration™.

In the Hex River Block Competition, first place in the Production Block went to Karsten Boerdery for Sweet Celebration™, and second place was awarded to De Vlei Boerdery with Sweet Celebration™. In the Young Block competition, the second-place winner went to Karsten Boerdery with Sweetglobe™.  

In the Orange River Block Young Block competition, first place went to Karsten Boerdery with Cotton Candy™ and second place went to Witklip for Sugar Crisp™, with third place going to Gamcaip Grape Farms with Timpson™. In the Production Block category, the first prize went to Valam, Noudonsies with Sweet Globe™, and the third prize  went to Valam, Oorkant with Sweet Globe™.

All these varieties are known for their specific texture and taste sensations, crunchy and sweet.

“We are very proud that our BLOOM table grape varieties did so well in the South African Block competitions,” said Hein Koch, BLOOM FRESH Country Manager.  “We are honored to work with such renowned growers and the results demonstrated how well BLOOM varieties can flourish in South African conditions.”

“For us, it is key to support our licensed growers: their success is our success. That’s why our dedicated technical team at BLOOM is always striving to help growers engage in the best practices for those varieties in our specific terrain and weather conditions, and the Block Competitions are a great way where we can all work together towards this goal,” Koch continued.


BLOOM FRESH™ International is the world’s largest premium fruit-breeding company and a global leader in fruit innovation. BLOOM stands as a beacon of innovation and sustainability. With 45 years of combined experience, BLOOM FRESH™ uses natural breeding techniques to develop new table grape, raisin, and cherry varieties for customers worldwide. BLOOM FRESH™ will advance the produce industry by bringing forward varieties with improved eating characteristics and long-term sustainable crop production for growers.  BLOOM FRESH™ stands at the forefront of creating a healthier, tasteful, and sustainable future for growers and consumers worldwide.