It’s a Cherry Good Time to Promote Cherries from Chile

Chile has shipped 58% more volume to the U.S. compared to the same time last year, and Chilean Cherry promotions have been in full swing since late December.  In addition to point-of-sale material, videos, new recipes, custom digital ads, and in-store merchandising support, the Committee has engaged in several new programs, including influencer marketing and TikTok.

IFG Announces Digital Transformation to Foster Success of Licensees

January 18, 2023 International Fruit Genetics

International Fruit Genetics LLC (IFG), the world’s largest table grape breeder, which boasts 48 patented table grape varieties and ten patented sweet cherry varieties, has completed its digital transformation enabling the 21-year-old company to fully support the success of its licensees through better planting decisions, enhanced variety planning and support, as well as supply-and-demand modeling to optimize varieties in the marketplace.

Washington Farmers Look Forward After a Tough Year For Crops

December 27, 2022 Mai Hoang, The Columbian

A cold and wet spring created havoc for the state’s tree-fruit harvest this year. The damp weather reduced spring pollination activity, stunting crop development. Snow damaged many of those limited buds, keeping them from growing into apples, cherries and other fruit.

Pacific Trellis Fruit is Optimistic For Upcoming Cherry and Stone Fruit Import Season

December 7, 2022 Pacific Trellis Fruit

As the second largest cherry importer, Pacific Trellis Fruit is looking forward to the upcoming import Cherry season.  Marcial Hernandez, Director of Imported Fruit elaborates on the upcoming season. “With increased volumes of cherries arriving in the US from Chile and Argentina, we are looking forward to increased opportunities to work with our customers in promoting cherries well into March. The first fruit to arrive via vessels should be available the third week of December, just in time for New Year’s ads”, said Hernandez.

Southern Hemisphere Cherries, Growing Exports and Challenges -Rabobank

November 4, 2022 Rabobank

A new Southern Hemisphere sweet cherry season has started, with record volumes expected, which will reveal how the return to normal in each producing country is unfolding, and how the main destination markets will behave in the current global situation.